How much space do you need?
A rough guide to a preferred space is 4m wide 2.5M deep, or a bit bigger than a car parking space. This is only a guide and we are very flexible with setting up.

Can mp3s be played as background music?
mp3s are always played during any breaks. If you have any particular music that you would like to provide on an mp3 player we will be happy to put it on.

What are the power requirements for the band?
The band uses a maximum of about 2300 watts. This can be taken from a single standard 13-amp mains feed (ie: 1 plug socket), the limit on a socket is around 3500 watts. If your event is being held in a marquee we strongly recommend that you check with your marquee provider, as they will be able to advise on the power supply. Also, if our power supply (plug socket) is running off of an extension lead, it must not be shared with other electrical equipment, eg: catering ovens, lights, etc.

How do we book the band?
Booking is made by signed contract, which we will send you on request. No deposit is required. Terms of business are payment in full, 7 days prior to the performance. We do not accept provisional bookings and can not hold any dates until a signed contract has been returned. 

Do you need to look at the venue prior to performance?
No, it is not necessary for us to view a venue prior to the performance. 

How long does it take the band to set up and do you sound-check?
It takes about 45 minutes to set up and we will need to tune up and test the mics and amps. However, this won't involve a long "sound-check" and certainly does not need the room to be cleared. 

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